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Women in Co-operative Party

As the newly elected Women’s Officer for Kent Co-operative Party, I’m keen to see more women join our party and, having joined, I’d like them to be encouraged and empowered to play a full and active part in our party’s activities.
If women don’t see other women decision makers within an organisation, they usually won’t put themselves forward. So role models are hugely important.
I see my role, in part, as helping to build links with women in the local area via campaigning and engaging on policy issues. It’s important that there is 2-way communication so that the voices of women are heard by decision makers within our Party. Our priorities and policies need to reflect the views and concerns of women members and also women in the wider community.
The NEC is keen to develop policies that reflect the needs of both women and men and are keen to hear from women members via an online survey. This can still be accessed via the Party’s website:, go to Organisation and click on Women’s Network. I’d encourage all women members, if they haven’t already done so, to join the Women’s Network and to fill in the online survey. To join the network: email – women (at sign)
There are a number of Women’s Forums within our sister party, the Labour Party, throughout Kent and I would be keen to liaise with them re their plans to involve and empower women.
I have already offered to contact new local women members, by letter, email etc. and welcome them into our party. It’s important that they are able to participate in as many activities and events as possible.
I’d be happy to visit local branches to talk about the promotion of women’s concerns and activities within the party.
Contact : jeanette (at sign)