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Dartford Borough Council Elections 2011

Dartford’s local elections were held on 5th May 2011, at the same time as the referendum on alternative voting.  Despite a stalwart campaign, Labour were unable to make inroads into the Tory majority, losing three seats in marginal wards.  While the Labour core vote held up, the Conservatives were able to motivate their support, and increased the turnout of their supporters.

Labour’s team is now:

  • Geoff Prout (Leader) – Princes Ward
  • Matt Bryant (Deputy Leader) – Joyce Green Ward
  • John Adams – Stone Ward
  • Rosie Bryant  – Princes Ward
  • Jonothan Hawkes – Stone Ward
  • Pat Kelly – Princes Ward
  • Tom Maddison – Littlebrook Ward
  • Ann Muckle – Joyce Green Ward
  • John Muckle – Littlebrook Ward

In these tough times, we need these Labour councillors to stand up for vital local services and help young people get a fair chance in life.

The bright notes for Labour, following the poor showing at the general election, is the number of new activists who are realising the need for Labour action, and campaigned strongly during the campaign. Congratulations to our neighbouring colleagues in Gravesham, winning the council from the Tories, and those in Thanet who came within a whisker of doing the same.



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