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Dartford under Labour


The Tories would have you believe that Dartford suffered from neglect during the last 13 years of Labour government, but the reality is that Dartford has been transformed during that period. In case you have forgotten, let us remind you of those many achievements which have improved life for us all.

Brand new schools and colleges everywhere

Helping young families

Keeping Dartford moving

The Dartford Crossing

Health Services

Change you see all around you. Ask yourself – Who would ever have imagined how much Dartford could change in such a short time under a government committed to providing top class facilities for everyone- free at the point of delivery?


And,finally, don’t forget that it was Labour, supported by thousands of local residents, who saved Central Park in Dartford from being vandalised by bulldozers in the frantic rush by local Tories to build a road through it. If they had listened then a sensible scheme to regenerate Dartford town centre would have been agreed and even built by now! Instead we have to live with the current, depressing, ghost-town appearance along Lowfield Street.

PS Nearly forgot!  Who funded the improvements to Dartford Central Park including the new entrances, the bridges over the river, the bandstand and the new visitor centre?
Well, you’ve guessed right the first time – of course – the Labour Government!