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Schools and colleges

Swan Valley School

Swan Valley School

Brand new schools and colleges everywhere

After the opening of Swan Valley School in Swanscombe (the first new secondary school to be built in the area for decades) Labour’s Building Schools for the Future programme led to brand new primary schools at Maypole, Westgate, Craylands Lane, Oakfield Lane, The Bridge and the soon to be completed Manor School, also in Swanscombe. In addition, two state of the art secondary schools were constructed to replace out of date, run down schools at the Leigh Academy and Dartford Technology College. After a long campaign £50 million was secured for the rebuilding of the highly successful North West Kent College at Oakfield Lane, a project which will be finished later this year.

Bridge School

North West Kent College

Besides this, every other school, primary or secondary, received extra funds for smaller building projects, including facilities for the arts, computers and sport. Wilmington Enterprise College was scheduled to be included in this transformation of our local schools until the incoming Tory-led coalition cancelled their plans back last summer in the first round of cuts to local services in the Dartford area.