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Labour’s Policy Review

Labour`s Policy Review is a comprehensive process of discussion looking at every aspect of Labour’s policy in order to support the development of an election winning manifesto for 2015. Through the Policy Review, Labour`s Shadow Cabinet team are looking at how we can create the change needed in our economy and society to achieve fairness even with less money to spend, and to build and economy that works in the interests of working people.

Work produced by the Shadow Cabinet Policy Review teams will feed into Agenda 2015 through the NPF and Policy Commissions in the same way as submissions received through Your Britain do. You can find documents published as part of the Policy Review below under the appropriate themes.


The Case for a British Investment Bank

Empowering Communities to Improve Transport

Learning from Germany’s ‘Energiewende’

Open Banking: Building a transparent banking system

Pensions People Can Trust

Real Energy Market Reform


From Detection to Prevention: Preventative policing to close the domestic violence intervention gap

Private Rented Housing

The Service Ethos: Helping young people benefit from the values and expertise of our armed forces

Services for Young People

Speaking Skills