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March for the alternative

Dartford Labour Party members will be following their banner at the TUC’s “March for the Alternative”.  The TUC is organising a national march and rally against the cuts on 26 March 2011, in response to the government’s programme of fast and deep public spending cuts. This policy is not just wrong, but will damage the recovery, and wreak damage on a whole generation.

This site provides more information and resources for the day.  The March starts at 12.00; and the route will be as on this map:

View March for the Alternative Route in a larger map

If you would like to join the Dartford delegation, please contact the Secretary through the contact page for details.

Why we’re marching

Government spending cuts will damage public services and put more than a million out of work. They will hit the vulnerable, damage communities and undermine much of what holds us together as a society.
Ministers say there is no alternative.

But both of the government’s two key decisions are political choices, not economic necessity.

  • Eliminating the deficit in just four years is a savage timetable that does not give economic growth the opportunity to raise the nation’s tax take. Indeed the deep cuts promised will depress the economy making deeper cuts necessary to meet this timetable.
  • Raising four pounds through cuts for every pound raised through tax – and doing most of this through a rise in VAT that hits the poor and those on middle income the most – is deeply unfair. The recession was made in the finance sector, yet banks and those now enjoying gigantic bonuses once again, are not being asked to make a fair contribution.

Yet none of these policies were put to the British people at the election, indeed we were told that there was no need for cuts in front-line services.