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The Tories have failed Dartford

Lowfield Street abandoned

Lowfield Street abandoned

The Tories in Dartford, at the KCC in Maidstone, together with their allies in the national coalition have failed the people of Dartford. These examples tell the grim story:

Dartford Town centre has been left to decay – opportunities to regenerate the town have been wasted by the pursuit of unpopular and damaging proposals to drive a road through Central Park

Homes and day centre for the elderly have been closed

Dartford has one of the worst re-cycling records in Kent

Public toilets in the town centre and on Temple Hill have been shut

A block on new social housing for the most needy has been imposed with the threat of a huge hike in rents

Potholes in Newtown

Potholes in Newtown

Dartford has the worst roads in Kent; roads are full of potholes and pavements have been neglected



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