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UK MP's thoughts on disability rights

The charity Care2 has posted the following article:
Target: Change Philip Davies’ opinion on disabled people Sponsored by: Natasha S

A Conservative MP (United Kingdom), Philip Davies, has stated that disabled people should be prepared to work for less than the minimum wage.

He has said this because he thinks that employers will choose an ‘able-bodied’ candidate for a job rather than the disabled candidate. He thinks that if the disabled choose to work for less, it will make it more likely for them to get a job. The minimum wage is currently £5.93 an hour for those over 21. This is not a lot of money. Shortly after this statement he declared that he was not suggesting that vulnerable people should work for less than the minimum wage but if they were given the opportunity, they should spend a short time in the workplace to ‘prove themselves’. This basically means the employer has the option to spend less on an employee or get an ‘able-bodied’ individual for the job. This does not help the disabled to get a job. What it does do is encourage discrimination in disabled society and employers to regard disabled people as inferior candidates who can, therefore, be exploited.

Surely those running the country should be helping by putting anti-discrimination laws in place? The government encourages young people to work hard at school for a good future and aim high but how can we in the disabled society if Philip Davies declares that our future salaries may be reduced if we want a job because of how we are. People cannot expect disabled people to bow down to the ‘able-bodies’. That is the exact definition of discrimination. Not only does it lower morale and dignity, it makes us more vulnerable to social discrimination and abuse. Philip Davies is referring to the disabled society as those who are mentally or physically disadvantaged. This includes those with mental health issues such as depression and those born with medical conditions.

This petition aims to show MP Philip Davies that his ill-conceived opinion on disabled society is not one shared throughout the general public. I believe that he has not thought about the consequences of his theory and he has not made them clear to the public.

Nobody has a ‘status’ that makes them superior or inferior in society. We are equal and need to learn to respect and love each other for who we are. Thank you.