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Labour’s local programme


  • Protect the tenure of tenants of social housing
  • Promote Dartford town centre regeneration by the introduction of new retail shopping and sympathetic housing
  • Protect funding for Neighbourhood Policing schemes
  • Campaign to protect our Sure Start Centres from funding cuts
  • Establish a Business Forum to encourage business enterprise and new jobs
  • Streamline the management of Dartford Council
  • Provide more resources for front line services by reducing the extravagant allowances and perks paid to leading councillors
  • Fund Ward-specific measures chosen by councillors
  • Promote greater community arts activity and introduce an Arts Week and Youth Festival
  • Increase community work among young people
  • Introduce an improved recycling scheme
  • Support Dartford becoming a Fair Trade Borough
  • Increase efforts to bring much needed empty homes back into use and work with housing providers to promote more social housing and greater access to the housing ladder
  • Pressure KCC to take tougher action over the condition of local roads
  • Improve public access to public facilities
  • Decentralise services to local communities along Co-operative principles


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