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Q When is the Torch coming to Dartford?
A It’s not. Nearest palces to enjoy the torch relay are Gravesend (Fri 20th July) or Erith and Bexley (Sun 22nd). If you’re in Longfield, watching the torch take a lap of Brands Hatch might be easier (Sat 21st).

Q Can I use an oyster card at Dartford station?
A No. You need to get a ticket to Crayford, Barnehurst or Slade Green, and quickly nip off the train to touch in.

Q Will London include Dartford?
A Dartford is part of Kent County. There are no plans from any of the main parties to include Dartford in the London area.

Q Dartford crossing local resident discount
A Details of the local residents discount on the Dart Tag can be found here. It works out a 20p a trip.