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A Living Wage for Dartford

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The Living Wage Foundation supports, recognises and celebrates the leadership shown by Living Wage Employers in the UK. They believe that work should be the surest way out of poverty. Already a number of employers for Dartford people have signed up: Barclays Bank; Lush cosmetics; Syd Bishop demolition; KPMG consultants, as well as a host of charities and local authorities, including the GLA.

Over the next few weeks we will be talking to employers in the area about the well-researched case for increasing the wages of the lowest paid.  This video tells the unheard stories of some of those the campaign aims to help:

Dartford Labour Party believes that no-one in our Borough should do a hard day’s work for less than they can live on.

We are proud to launch the ‘Living Wage for Dartford’ campaign. Over the coming months, the party, together with our friends in Unison, will campaign across Dartford that those working in the Borough should receive a living wage – currently nationally recognised as a minimum of £7.45 per hour.
The principle of a Living Wage is strongly supported by both Ed Miliband and Boris Johnson. You can read Ed’s recent speech about why he is so passionate about the living wage here.
Here in Dartford, a Living Wage is a vital part of our vision for a fairer, more prosperous, borough.  Paying the Living Wage is not only morally right, it’s good for the individuals who receive it and it’s good for our businesses too.





  1. admin says:

    Email response from E.Williamson:
    Just wanted to raise the issue that both my children now aged 23 & 24 have been working for no wage. They have done a series of unpaid internships on expenses only basis and one is now unemployed. Neither have ever had a proper wage.

    They are far from unusual. This is the first issue to tackle.

    Their employers are breaking the law and realise this. If an employer pays low wages and are pressed to increase this to living wage some could try and fly under the radar by reclassifying as internships and pay nothing. If this happens it will make things worse not better. I fully support living wage and believe it is too low and should aim to increase incrementally year on year. First the law we already have needs to be enforced.

  2. admin says:

    Internships are becoming a hot issue: Hazel Blears has recently introduced a 10-minute rule bill on the subject, with cross-party support. Article in the Guardian 4th December.