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Tory visit cannot hide the truth about government cuts

Today (24th January) saw a visit to Bluewater from the Tory Work and Pensions minister, Ian Duncan – Smith. The visit comes just weeks after he announced his governments plans to cut the incomes of millions of hard working people.

Responding to the visit, Dartford Labour’s Chairman, Cllr Jonathan Hawkes, said:

“We understand why a Tory minister has chosen to come to Bluewater, which is a major source of employment for the local area. However, even there, the signs above Jessops and HMV point to this government’s economic failings.

“But, if he looks beyond Bluewater’s doors, he’ll see the devastating impact his policies are having on ordinary people.

“His recent cuts are hitting millions of working people. For example, a couple living in Dartford with two children, with the single earner being a primary school teacher earning £600 per week, will lose £424 a year by 2015. New mums will have their maternity pay cut, effectively imposing a “mum’s tax” of up to £1,300. And independent sources estimate his actions will push an extra 200,000 children into poverty.

“All of this at the same time millionaires are receiving a £107,000 tax cut. The fact is he and his government have their priorities drastically wrong. So he might be at Bluewater looking for a good news story, but the real picture for people round here is far more gloomy.