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Temple Hill dispersal order: Labour councillors meet police

Labour’s councillors for Temple Hill have questioned local police and council officials about the background to a decision to impose a three month dispersal order on the area. Whilst assuring the police of their support, they also expressed their frustration that more had not being done to deter anti-social and criminal behaviour in the area.

“Dispersal orders were introduced by the last Labour government to help tackle crime and anti-social behaviour and I wholeheartedly support residents and the police in their efforts to tackle these problems in Temple Hill, said Littlebrook councillor Tom Maddison.

“That this action is needed, however, does raise doubts about the Tory council’s crime and anti-social behaviour policy. As well as being tough on anti-social behaviour in Temple Hill, it’s also important to tackle its causes – and sadly, when we have raised residents’ concerns in the past, for example the need for better lighting, the Tory council leader didn’t want to know.”

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