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Dartford Labour Welcomes Equal Marriage Vote


Dartford Labour Party welcomes last nights historic House of Commons vote in favour of Equal Marriage.

This decision is another important step forward for equality in Britain. Dartford Labour strongly supports equal marriage because we believe that gay and lesbian couples deserve the same recognition from the state and society as anyone else. It should be the right of everyone in our community to get married if they wish to do so.

We are disappointed that Dartford’s Conservative MP chose to vote against this important bill. Last night, Gareth Johnson had an opportunity to show his willingness to champion the hopes and wishes of all sections of our community. In opposing this bill many residents will feel that he has not stood up for them and will also feel let down that he did not support the right of gay and lesbian couples in Dartford to have their loving relationships celebrated and recognised by marriage.

We believe that Gareth Johnson has shown himself to be out of touch with the values of Dartford in 2013. Many will feel that this is another example of a Tory party that appears intolerant, old fashioned and promotes inequality.

Labour will continue to stand up for the rights of everyone in Dartford. We don’t believe that the person you love should determine the rights you have. We will continue to support the Equal Marriage Bill in its progress through parliament.