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Town Centre – Tesco latest

Dartford Labour Party has today welcomed news that Tesco are now planning to proceed with a revised scheme for the redevelopment of Lowfield Street.

Speaking in response, Cllr Matt Bryant, Labour’s Deputy Leader, said:
“Its all very well the Tory-run council expressing their frustration with nearly a decade of delay and inaction by Tesco but this has happened on their watch and ultimately they must take some responsibility.

Park protest, 2004 (Picture: BBC)

“All this delay could have been avoided if Cllr Kite and the Tory leadership had not pursued for so long the hugely controversial scheme which involved driving a two lane road through Central Park. Thankfully that was rejected following a major campaign by thousands of local people led by the then Labour MP.

“Since then the Town Centre has seen business after business leave or go bust, and shops and houses boarded up. That has left today’s criticism of Tesco by Tory Council Leader, Jeremy Kite, sounding somewhat hollow.

“The sooner that work now starts on Lowfield Street the better; the people of Dartford have waited far too long and the Tory-run council have let everyone down by prevailing over a sad decline that continues to blight our once proud town centre.”