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This Land Is Our Land

Our ancient woodlands and forests are part of our heritage – but the Tories want to sell them off.
Changes to the Public Bodies Bill, which is currently going through Parliament, will give ministers the power to sell off 85 per cent of our forests – with no protection for public access or biodiversity.

Labour is leading the fight against the plans in Parliament. With your help, we can put pressure on this Tory-led government to think again.

Our ancient forests and woodlands are a vital part of our natural heritage providing environmental benefits and public enjoyment.

Join our campaign – and tell the Tories that this land is our land.


  1. Rob says:

    Didn’t the previous government sell off forest land though? Was that land not our land?

    In any case, does this have a great deal to do with Dartford? I am trying to work out who to vote for in May and this kind of thing doesn’t really affect my decision frankly.