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The Benefits System: EXPOSED

It’s clear some people have swallowed the line that welfare payments are being seriously abused. In fact, the proportion is 0.7%; but on the basis of the myth, the Tory/Libdem government is picking on those most in need. Here’s a short video from the TUC:

Their agenda is clear:

“We are sticking to the task. But that doesn’t just mean making difficult decisions on public spending. It also means something more profound. It means building a leaner, more efficient state. We need to do more with less. Not just now, but permanently.”

David Cameron, annual speech at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet in London’s Guildhall, 10/11/13

Meanwhile, the Public accounts committee this month gave a roasting to Iain Duncan Smith’s

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Grassroots Activists Forced the Government to Act

by Steve Doran

“You’ve got to cap the overall cost of credit.”  Of all the people I thought would say those words – and many people have been saying exactly that, for a long time – I was surprised to hear them from George Osborne. But perhaps I shouldn’t have been.

For a start, I should be used to surprises. If anyone should be expecting the unexpected, it’s me. A few years ago I was trapped in the payday loan cycle, resolutely private about it and entirely at a loss as to what to do. Back then, I never expected I would be telling my story in a national paper, or discussing regulation with Stella Creasy and Ed Miliband.

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Probation service threat

The government is planning a sell-off of 70% of the Probation Service to private companies such as Serco, Sodexo and G4S. The changes are being introduced at breakneck speed, without evidence and without even a trial period to see whether they will work.

Simon Thomson commented “The professionalism of the Probation Service has been one of the great success stories of the criminal justice system, reducing both crime and reoffending rates year on year. The question arises, what is the problem that this is the solution to?

Relentless cost-cutting by this government results in poorer services, worsening conditions for staff, while private operators will cream off profits from the justice system at public expense, reducing public accountability.

I’m very concerned

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Labour takes Energy campaign to Swanscombe

Saturday saw the Labour Party taking to the streets of Swanscombe – door knocking, and collecting signatures on a petition to the Prime Minister, to freeze energy prices now.

Leading the campaign were Simon Thomson, Labour’s new Prospective Parliamentary Candidate; and Steve Doran, our candidate in the Swanscombe by-election on December 5th.

Simon commented:  “Despite the terrible weather, people were keen to stop and talk.  The cost of living is a real issue for Swanscombe people; many people here really need the benefits that are being taken away from them, but nearly everyone here has had their standard of living attacked by the Tory-led coalition.”

Steve’s impression was equally positive. “So may people offered their best wishes, and promised to

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What's Europe ever done for us? - UKIP exposed

“About two million Brits live, work, study or are retired in other EU countries. Over 800,000 of them are estimated to reside in Spain alone; over one million if you include those who sojourn there for just part of each year.”

● Brits in Spain outnumber the Polish in Britain – but what will happen to them all if the UK exits the EU?

This isn’t part of UKIP’s story. Nigel Farage was interviewed on a Spanish radio station for British expatriates, and could no real answer to what would happen to Britons abroad if we pulled out of the EU.

Jon Danzig

The case for membership isn’t being heard in the mainstream media. Award winning journalist Jon

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Thinking about joining the resistance?

It’s becoming clear that the Coalition government is now making a full-scale attack on the welfare state, using “cutting red tape’ and ‘clearing up Labour’s mess’ as a cover for raiding some of the hardest up, as well as making all working people more insecure.

In a report today, the progress on reducing child poverty, perhaps Labour’s best achievement, is going into reverse, with a projected 3.4 million children in poverty by the end of the decade.

So listen very carefully: we will say this only once. The only major party committed to social justice is Labour, and the only way you can achieve it is by joining and getting active.

Click on the image below to download a membership

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Ed Miliband visits Dartford

Ed Miliband with Cllr. Pat Kelly and his wife, Kimi

With next month’s Kent County Council elections drawing near, Labour’s local campaign received a big boost last week after Labour Leader Ed Miliband paid a visit to Dartford. On Thursday, Ed met shoppers as the Asda store in Greenhithe and took part in a Q&A session with local residents.

“It’s great that Ed was able to get to Dartford and support our local campaign,” said Cllr. Pt Kelly – Labour’s county councillor candidate for Dartford East. “At a time when so many hard-working people in Dartford are finding life so tough under the Tory-led government, his one nation message is proving hugely relevant here.”

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Labour Will Combat Legal Loan Sharks in our High Streets

Ed Miliband has emphasised Labour’s commitment to combat legal loan sharking by promising to give councils more powers to ban payday lenders and pawnbrokers from town centres.

In a speech this week, Ed spoke of why Labour will act on this issue; “One of the fastest growing businesses on the high street are the payday lenders, sometimes charging extortionate rates of interest. In hard times, it is no wonder people turn to them. But often they just engulf people in debts that they cannot pay.” He added that many councils felt they did not “have the real power to stand up for local people”,

This announcement is a further demonstration that only Labour will stand up against the vested interests

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Squeezed Dartford

The Football League has announced it is ending its sponsorship deal with high cost credit provider Wonga, ahead of an attempt by football supporters to campaign against legal loan shark advertising in the game. The campaign is called “A Red Card for Wonga“.

You can let the Football Association know you support Stella Creasey MP’s call for them to extend their current ban on alcohol and gambling adverts on merchandise for those aged under 18 to include high cost credit companies. Click here to take action with us now.

Dartford Labour meanwhile is in discussion with Kent Savers Credit Union, about how to offer a meaningful alternative to payday loans. Credit Unions offer finance for people who may have difficulty

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Living Wage Campaign Launch

Campaigners and Dartford people talking about the living wage: