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Unfair Fares

Train fares are already too expensive, but now they are set to skyrocket even further.

As part of their austerity cuts, the Government is planning massive fare hikes from January 2012. Fares are set to go up by 28% over the next four years – that’s £1,500 more for some season tickets. Expensive train fares are:

  • A rotten deal for passengers. Being forced to pay ever more each year without seeing any improvements is simply unfair.
  • Harmful for the environment. Prices need to be cheaper if more people are to choose the train and help cut congestion and tackle climate change.
  • Bad for business. High fares price people out of jobs in London and our other major cities, damaging the UK’s competitiveness in the global marketplace.
  • Unfair. Many people are being forced to change jobs or make difficult choices between transport and other vital expenses. Trains shouldn’t just be a luxury for the rich.

We can’t let prices go up even further. We’ve got one year to change the Government’s minds and make fares truly fair.

(Taken from Campaign for Better Transport)